Vapeur Val-de-Travers
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VVT offers :
Steam trains for tourists and enthusiasts ... but not in 2009 !!!

Attention : this personal page shows only the offers from year 2007. For more information, show to the official site of the VVT

For families, the VVT offers many opportunities to enjoy the sound of a steam train in the beautiful surroundings of the Val-de-Travers :

Which steam engines ?

At present the 3 locos which haul VVT trains are as follow…

These locos are authorized to work on all the lines normally used by the VVT.
What is the VVT's radius of operation ? Here you will find a map and a list of all the areas the VVT covers.
(0-4-0T) SLM "Sulzer" "pendulum" is also in working order however is not authorized to haul passenger trains as it is not equipped with air brakes; besides which it is not very powerful and cannot work alone

Note that…

Which carriages ? 

By default, the trains are usually formed of the very attractive VVT "standard" set of 240 seats, consisting of vintage 2 and 3 axle carriages with open verandahs…

Another option on it's own or to reinforce the standard set is the "VVT strengthened set" with 376 seats :

Note that :

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Scheduled steam trains , on the St-Sulpice/NE - Fleurier - Travers route.

Every year, from spring until autumn, on certain weekends, the VVT runs scheduled trains on the "Transport Regionaux Neuchatelois" TRN (Neuchatel Regional Transport) line, also used by modern electric sets, linking Neuchatel. The link will allow you to check timetabled trains departing from your station !

Journey time: around 30 minutes
Scheduled train fares :
  • Adult return ticket on the Saint-Sulpice - Fleurier - Travers route 15 Swiss Francs;
  • Adult single ticket 7.50 Swiss Francs;
  • "Accompanied children" free up to 16 years old.
  • Group travel of 10 or more persons - 10% reduction
General information :

Scheduled trains on the CFF line between Neuchâtel - Les Verrières (- Pontarlier)

On Sundays the 11th June and 10th September 2006, the trains will climb as far as Les Verrières.

By clicking here, you will be able to see a profile of this joint international line (in french)

Single journey time Neuchâtel - St-Sulpice : around 70 minutes
Fares for scheduled trains to Les Verrières:
  • Neuchâtel to Pontarlier and Travers adult return 40 Swiss Francs
  • St-Sulpice to Neuchâtel adult return 35 Swiss Francs
  • "Accompanied children" free up to 16 years old
  • Group travel of 10 or more persons - 10% reduction
  • Cycles carried free on VVT trains!
General information :

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Combined offers… Save money on delightful varied days out.

VVT -  Asphalt Mines - Mauler  - CFF/TRN, leaving from Travers or Neuchâtel (returning by scheduled services included)

Besuchen Sie die Mauler Keller in Môtiers   Besuchen Sie die Asphaltminen

A day of discovery in the Neuchâtel Jura 
Timetable details on

  Arrival Departure

Fare from Travers - CHF 65, per person.
How to reach Travers? 

Travers   11.08
La Presta 11.10 15.21

Visit the mines and enjoy a lunchtime meal.
Their speciality is : the famous ham cooked in the asphalt, mixed salad, potatoes topped with cheese, vegetables

Saint-Sulpice 15.41 16.13 Visit the VVT depot
Môtiers 16.26 17.40 See a film about the history of wine making
and wine tasting in Mauler
Travers 17.48   Return Môtiers - Travers by CFF/TRN train


  Arrival Departure

Fare from Neuchâtel CHF 85, per person

Neuchâtel   10.16 Reach the Val-de-Travers along the narrow gorges of the Areuse, to the sound of the exhaust from the steam loco.
La Presta 11.21 15.21

Visit the mines and enjoy a lunchtime meal.
Their speciality is ; the famous ham cooked in the asphalt, mixed salad, potatoes topped with cheese, vegetables

Saint-Sulpice 15.41 16.13 Visit the VVT depot
Môtiers 16.26 17.40 See a film about the history of wine making
and wine tasting in Mauler
Neuchâtel 18.15   Return Môtiers - Travers by CFF/TRN train

For groups of 10 people or more, reservation is essential, by telephoning Travers Station on +41 32 863 24 07 or by  e-mail

Fares for combined offers VVT - Asphalt Mines - Caves mauler - TRN :
  • Adult fare from Travers, CHF 65
  • Adult fare from Neuchatel, CHF 85
  • "accompanied child" free up to 16 years of age
  • The prices above include return by scheduled trains to Neuchâtel or Travers (whichever was your starting point)
  • For groups, the CHF 65 fare can be reserved daily between May and October, but with a slightly modified program.
General information :

"Fondue (or Tartare) Trains" run on Saturday evenings departing from St-Sulpice or Neuchâtel

On the 13th May, 10th June, 8th July, 12th August, 9th September and the 7th October, after departure from St-Sulpice at 18.36, our passengers have time to have a drink whilst travelling towards our destination at Neuchâtel, where we arrive at 19:46. Whilst the loco is being turned , and on departure at 19:58 the first lucky ones will be spinning their forks in the fondue pot full of sumptuous Mauler fondue.

The traditional white wine has been replace by MAULER" sparkling wine. This product is produced in the priory St-Pierre at Môtiers. Of course the cheese also comes from this area.

In July and August, the Fondue is replaced by a steak tartare for the same fare and timetable.

How lucky, to be passing the vineyards of Littoral, then the narrow gorges of the Areuse, to reach the Val-de-Travers whilst tasting this speciality, to the sound of the exhaust from the steam loco.

On arrival at St-Sulpice, the train stays at the plattform. The visitors ca quiet stay in the cars. Passengers to Neuchâtel will change in Fleurier, where the local train at 21.37 will take them to the city. By partaking of this offer, there is no need to risk driving. Arrival is planned for 22.15, which will enable you to reach home using public transport.

For the complete timetable, please refer to

Our afternoon visitors who wish simply to return to Neuchâtel, can take this train for our usual fare of 20 Swiss Francs per person.

Return fare, including a portion of Mauler Fondue is :

60 Swiss Francs per person


Fares for the VVT Fondue trains :
  • Adult fare from St-Sulpice or Neuchâtel - 60 Swiss Francs (half price CFF season tickets not valid on steam trains)
  • Children - travel free, the fondue must be paid for on the train.
  • The fixed prices above include return by bus and scheduled trains to Neuchatel ( or your departure point)
General information :


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Special trains on the VVT within our radius of operations … or elswhere.

"Out and back" trains for corporate events, weddings, family occasions, etc. including a ride on the TRN line in the valley and certain BLS / CFF routes.

Examples of prices for special trains on the TRN/CFF lines from St-Sulpice to Travers / Neuchâtel - Travers - Les Verrières:
  • St-Sulpice - Travers and return, starting from 2000 Swiss Francs, with 8511 Tigerli or 16388 Krauss-Maffei and up to 4 cariages - 10 axles - 
  • St-Sulpice - Travers - Neuchâtel or Les Verrières and return, staring from 3500 Swiss Francs, including two carriages and the Gbs (generator, cycle transport etc…).  
  • Neuchâtel - Travers - St-Sulpice and return, starting from 4500 Swiss Francs, including two carriages and the Gbs (generator, cycle transport etc…).
  • For each additional carriage add 300 Swiss Francs.
  • Other journeys are available including beyond Neuchâtel.
  • We will gladly quote for an other journeys or for extras.

These fares are only as samples to use. Please contact the commercial dept. of the VVT  

General information :
  • Normally, "out and back" journeys depart from St-Sulpice/NE and run to Travers, Les Verrieres or Neuchâtel.
  • One option is for trains to commence at other stations with journeys on other branches etc…
  • We can operate trains on the lines approved for the VVT (the lines shown on the map can be operated over on request) or elsewhere...however, for lines not currently approved the authorization process is very long!!!
  • Organized on dates and times to suit our clients,
  • Intermediate station stops can be arranged to suit for visits etc...
  • Layovers between the out and back legs can be arranged to permit visits,
  • Available at weekends or weekdays,
  • From May 2003, availability is year long,
  • Loco 8511 "Tigerli" 8511 is available for small groups, otherwise "Krauss-Maffei", TKp 16 "Slask", or TKt48 188
  • Normally the VVT "standard set" is used (2 or 3 axled carriages), other options include the Val d'Areuse restaurant car and or carriages from the VVT strengthening set,
  • Advance booking essential - at least 10 days in advance,
  • For all enquiries, orders, etc… e-mail to the commercial department of the VVT or courrier / Tel. / FAX

Note: special trains are organized subject to the technical and organizational constraints of the VVT and the infrastructure controller - BLS, CFF, TRN etc…!

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Guided visit to St-Sulpice Depot

Depot visits are available at S-Sulpice/NE where all the VVT's steam locos can be visited, usually each Saturday, however visits can be arranged on weekdays subject to one week's notice being given.


Admission prices for the VVT Depot at Saint-Sulpice/NE:

  • Adults - 7 Swiss Francs each, children - 5,50 Swiss Francs each

  • Groups : 20 person or more

  • Daily ticket allowing you to visit all the sites of the "Journey to the Land of the Fairies" for
    26 Swiss Francs per adult, 17 Swiss Francs per child (group rates : Ask us).

  • Holders of VVT tickets have free admission to the depot, as do members (please show your membership card)…and as usual children accompanied by their parents, grandparents etc.,….free.

  • It is always preferable to advise us of your visit by e-mail to our commercial dept. or by courrier / Tel. / FAX.

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