Vapeur Val-de-Travers

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Rolling stock

Ten steam engine from seven countries :

Three main line steam locos :

The BR 52 221 (ex-OBB), an imposing 2-10-0 of 1943, the 2-8-2 TKt48 188 of 1956 and the 0-6-0T 16388 "Krauss-Maffei" of 1942 will travel on fast every trains this Year.

Since March 2008, the 141-R-568 from William Cook Rail is operated in collaboration with the VVT. She stays in Schaffhausen.

There are two shunting locomotives at St-Sulpice :

0-4-0T 2 "Monteforno" of 1895 and 0-4-0 diesel Köf of 1959.

Temporary out of order / under restoration at St-Sulpice :

Under restoration at ZOS Ceské Velenice :

On display :

4-8-2 SNCF 241-P-30, 2-8-2 BDZ 01.22, 0-4-0T No.20593 Cham of 1925 and 0-4-0VBT No.2951 Cockerill of 1920.

Two vehicles have left the VVT in 2008 :

Carriages :

Three twin axled B carriages ex OBB, one three axled WR3 ex CFF, one bar carriage converted from a 3 axled parcels van "The Traclet Bar", three AB4üs ex CFF/RVT, one B4ü ex CFF/RVT, one bogied WR Val d'Areuse of 1961 ex CFF, one four axled WR the "Fondue" carriage ex BLS, plus many departmental vehicles.

  • The B2 333 awaiting reassembly of its repaired axles, back from Ceske Velenice

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Journey to Les Verrières

The circulations for Les Verrières have been removed due to lack of passengers. The simultaneous departures of Travers therefore disappear with them. This was a (fast) unique event in the year, for photographers and video enthusiasts to record our two trains steaming away side by side. Find here some souvenirs from previous years

The appointment of July has suffered the same fate, but this time to spare staff

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Special trains

Special trains on the VVT within our radius of operations … or elswhere.

"Out and back" trains for corporate events, weddings, family occasions, etc. including a ride on the TRN line in the valley and certain BLS / CFF routes.

Any first informations

For all enquiries, orders, etc… :

 case postale 21
 CH-2123 St-Sulpice

tél + fax +41 32 861 34 98,
natel +41 79 633 95 66
e-mail to the commercial department of the VVT

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