E 3/3 KM 16388

Builder Kraus-Maffei
Year built 1942 (1943* et 2000*)
Previous numbers 16388
Weight in working order 43,8 tonnes
Length over body 9 400 mm  (30 feet 10 inches)
Maximum speed 45 km/h (25 mph)
Boiler pressure 12 bar (180 psi)
Power 400 hp
Grate area 1,6 m² (17,22 sq.ft.)
Driving wheel diameter 1100 mm (3 feet 7 inches)
Fuel capacity Coal - 1.7 tonnes,
water 6.25 m3 (1'374 gallons)



Built in 1942 by Krauss-Maffei in Munich, this loco carried the livery of Ranshofen Aluminum Foundry at Branau Am Inn in Austria where it was used as a shunter. 8 other locos of the same type were also working for the Voest factories also in Austria. After much discussion, we finally received a favorable response to our request to purchase this loco. After an eventful journey lasting two days and two nights the loco finally arrived at St-Sulpice on the 25th July 1986. Restoration work lasted for a year. On the 30th July 1987 the first acquisition of the VVT went into service. On the 75th anniversary of the BLS, it hauled a special train to Interlaken, where it represented the French speaking Swiss at Rail-In '88. As it hauled almost all the trains of the VVT for 7 years, it can be considered the mascot of the association. A peculiarity with this machine is it's steam bell. The boiler had been rebuilt in 1943 as a result of signs of boiler fatigue after it had been hauling numerous trains without problems. As the steel used at the time was of poor quality we ordered a new boiler from Interlok at Pila.


Krauss-Maffei 16388 1986-1995 Krauss-Maffei 16388 Travaux en cours

Works, year after year :

2000-2001 :
  • 1996 : The boiler will be sent to Meinningen in Germany for repairs
  • 2001 : Re-fitting of the boiler afte comeback from Pila in Poland
2002-2003 :
  • Reconstruction de deux coquilles de bielles
  • Révision de la vanne d'extraction
  • Suppression du jeu aux patins de crosses
  • Construction d'une réhausse à charbon
  • Boiler inspection ... You can visit it !

The Austrian Steam Base contains locomotives situated in the Republic of Austria or locomotives outside Austria, which are of austrian heritage.
You'll find there the Krauss-Maffei KM 16388


Since 1995 an elder sister of our Krauss-Maffei loco runs on the museum line S.T.A.R. on an old freight line in Holland. This machine which was built in 1936 has been purchased by VEHE Dollnstein-Rennertshofen. It hauls old Biho carriages of OBB. Further information here.