E 2/2 Cockerill 2951

Builder Cockerill
Year built 1920
Works number 2951
Weight in working order ~ 15 tonnes
Length over body ~ 5.00 meters  (16 feet 5 inches)
Maximum speed 20 km/h (11 mph)
Power 115 hp
Grate area 1,0 m² (10,73 sq.ft.)
Driving wheel diameter 700 mm (2 feet 3 inches)


Chaudière au retour de Gray où elle a subi une révision générale La Cockerill dans son état (presque) actuel Une fois la révision terminée, notre petite Belge devrait ressembler à ceci


This small but remarkable machine is a curiosity. It is a rare standard gauge loco fitted with a vertical boiler and steam brakes. Built by Seraing, in Belgium, by John Cockerill, who was well known for this type of construction. This company was the first to build steam locos in mainland Europe (1835). This machine is from the 4th batch (out of 5) in a series of 900 locos, and arrived at St-Sulpice on the 9th May 1984. This small but powerful loco was considered ideal for works premises where they could negotiate curves of 15 meters and steep inclines. The boiler has been overhauled by Grey, but the motion, which was in poor condition, must be completely refurbished. The absence of air brakes and a low maximum speed prevents this machine from hauling passenger trains, so the completion of this overhaul has been deferred to ensure more urgent tasks are completed.

Arrivée de la Cockerill sur un wagon surbaissé, en 1984

Cockerill 2951 1984-1985

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