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 Tourism in the Neuchâtel Jura with the VVT

Your stay in Val-de-Travers :

Your stay in Val-de-Travers :  

We suggest you stay in the Val-de-Travers so that you can visit some of the many tourist or natural sites of our region :

Noiraigue -  the River Areuse, Canyon  (about 10 kilometers) between the Val-de- Travers and the Lake of Neuchâtel;
- the Creux-du-Van / Soliat (altitude 1465 m.) ; an impressive rock half-circle or CWM about 300 meters in height. Nature reserve with chamois, bouquetins (large mountain-goats), marmots, lynxs, etc.
Môtiers - Jean-Jacques Rousseau and regional museums; waterfall, cave and castle (hotel    + restaurant)
- the Poëta Raisse, a canyon cut into the rocks with lots of waterfalls
St-Sulpice - the hydraulic ecomuseum, located near the source of the Areuse
- The Chapeau de Napoléon (Napoleon's hat), restaurant, located above Fleurier with a super view over the whole valley of Val-de-Travers
Buttes - Télérösti in Buttes - La Robella - Chasseron :  special offer with train, chair lift and typical meal in a mountain inn.
Couvet  - a gardened forest; two didactic footpaths located near the village
La Brevine - the lake of Taillères, renowned in winter for its record cold temperatures (Switzerland's Siberia !)
Les  Ponts-de-Martel - visit a cheese maker
Bicycle rides the Val-de-Travers has a network of well-kept cycle tracks, usually separated from the road ; the main route links Les Verrières, at the French border (altitude 930 meters) with the lake and town of Neuchâtel (altitude 435 meters) down  the Val-de-Travers in its entire length and through the Areuse canyon
A proximité du VVT ... les gorges
Poëtta - Raisse
"Chateau de Môtiers"
Schloss Môtiers

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