Tabaklok 01.22 ex BDZ

Builder SLM Winterthur
Year built 1935
Works number 3592
Weight in working order 169,5 tonnes
Length over body 22 400 mm
Maximum speed 90 km/h (49 mph)
Boiler pressure 16 bar (240 psi)
Power ~ 2200 PS
Grate area 4,86 mē
Driving wheel diameter 1650 mm
Fuel capacity Coal - 11 tonnes
Water - 30 m3 (6'594 gallons)
Wheel arrangement 1'D1'h2 : Freight locomotive with over heated steam and two cylinders.
Modification : Oil heating, as supplement to coal heating
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01-22 in Konstanz on the 28th of March 2005, Pictures Jens G. Wingert

Locomotives Class 01 BDZ :

The Tabakloks are the biggest locomotives even built in Switzerland.

However the C5/6 were 1919 the biggest and last normal gauge machines for Switzerland, the Swiss Locomotive and Machines work (SLM) in Winterthur built 1935 for Bulgaria 6 machines Mikado (2-8-2). These locomotives were paid with tobacco and becomes in Switzerland the name of "Tabakloks".

Same locomotives were built in Germany and Poland and were still in service until the seventies. They were the first standardized locomotives built for Bulgaria. The equipment looks like on german locomotives.

The first three locomotives (01.01 - 01.03) were deliver by Hanomag, the ten next (01.04 - 01.13) by Fablok Chrzanow in Poland. From the ten last, went six machines from SLM Winterthur in Switzerland (01.18 - 01.23), and four german vehicles : two Borsig (01.14) und two Henschel (01.16).

The 01.23, another preserved swiss 01, is based in locomotive Depot Sofia. Since 1988 she was reconstructed and ever since it has been kept as a museum locomotive of BDZ. On the 24th of December 1988 this engine pulled the jubilee train "100 years Railway Traction and Sofia Depot". After that she took part in many attractions journeys as well as such for the needs of the cinematography.

The 01.22 :

Built by SLM (Swiss Locomotives and Machines work) for the BDZ, the 01.22 was rebuilt 1944, after an accident. After having been reviewed in 1975, this machine stored as part of the "strategic reserve" in Asenovo. This explains the locos shabby appearance, which contrasts with it's good mechanical conditions. The rods are for example fast like new and the boiler should be good too.


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