AB4 313

Builder SWS
Year built 1904
Previous numbers

CFF AB4 2701, (29) B4 3991, 47 B4 2631, 56 A4 2631, (60) AB4 4121, 62 AB 4121, 68 AB 5085 39-03 180-9, 86 Hemmig, 97 VVT

Rebuilt 1960
Number of seats 24 first class, 40 second class
Weight in working order 31 / 35 t
Brakes O-P 32 t
Length over body 21.40 meters (70 feet 3 inches)
Maximum speed 110 km/h (61 mph)


Originally wooden bodied construction built between 1904 and 1928, between 1958 and 1963 these carriages received welded bodies. Before this rebuilding, odd vehicles of this series had been rebuilt, the class had undergone many changes.

This vehicle was saved from scrapping by Mr.Hemmig of Classic Rail, before he swapped it with us for De 4/5 ex BLS which we had purchased from his network with a number of spare parts.

The interior is identical to that of AB 4u 312, except that it has not suffered from sun and grime.

In order to satisfy the wishes of our passengers and the donors of these vehicles, thanks to a gift from the Swiss Lottery, this carriage received in December 2000, the first in a series of four carriages, a repaint in the VVT livery , since when the roof, the bodywork and the chassis have not needed any attention. The fitting out of the interior has been partially completed. An anti-graffiti coat has been used to protect against damage, this makes the carriages bright and easy to clean.

For the 2001 season we were able to have a clean rake of carriages in the same livery for our passengers and for photographers.

Carriage bodywork 311 to 313

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