WR4 364

Builder SIG Neuhausen
Year built 1913
Previous numbers BLS AB4ü, BLS B4ü 872, BLS B 872, BLS X4 9114, BLS Xas 80 63 98-05 500-4
Rebuilt 17.12.1971 HW Bö 
Number of seats 50
Weight in working order 34,5 / 39 t
Brakes O-P 34 t (Hs)
Length over body 20,15 meters (66 feet 1 inch)
Maximum speed 100 km/h (55 mph)


The VVT collection has been increased by an additional vehicle. This is an old BLS restaurant carriage which was in excellent condition and was in main line service until we acquired it on the 26th September 2001. This vehicle was overhauled as recently as 1998 and as such we have had no need to carry out any restoration or rebuilding work before we could put it in to service. This vehicle is fitted with independent oil fired heating, and is wired for 220 volts which we can easily supply from our generator in Gbs 386.

For the 2002 season, this will ensure in particular the Saturday evening trains which run in the months of September and October between Neuchâtel (departing at 19:30) and St-Sulpice. The "Fondue Trains" (literally "melted trains" - as in cheese) are basically evening dining specials serving a dish of melted cheese, wine, garlic, potato flour, pepper and kirsch.

In fact we had been searching for a vehicle in which we could serve hot cheese dishes without leaving the characteristic smell to accompany the coffees the following day.

WR4 364 2003

Our "Fondue" carriage on it's arrival at St-Sulpice on the 26th September 2001.
Preparation work before painting into VVT livery


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