B2 332

Builder Simmeringer Waggonfabrik (AP St.Pölten)
Year built 1917
Previous numbers kkStb et BBö Ce 35984, DR 203 744, ÖBB Be 34 578, BT 7039.09, 84 VVT
Rebuilt (1958 to diagram 27 227.01) VVT 1997 - 2002
Number of seats 52 second class
Weight in working order 16 / 18t
Brakes Hik-G 15t / P 18t
Length over body 13.45 meters  (44 feet 1inch)
Maximum speed 40 km/h (22 mph) on the VVT / 80 km/h (44 mph) in Austria


After the second world war to cover the needs of passengers on ÖBB, freight wagons in good condition were rebuilt as passenger carriages. For thirty years these vehicles were typical of Austrian regional trains in. Until these passenger and brake passenger carriages were sold to private railways and museums, the twin axle vehicles were in regular service.

On the 20th November 1984, three passenger carriages as well as one brake passenger carriage (BD2), planned as a sales area for souvenirs, were rescued by the VVT and arrived at St-Sulpice.

Rebuilding Work in the spring of 1985 B2 332 2000-2003

This vehicle is currently being overhauled. The carriage is being adapted to accommodate wheelchairs and pushchairs.

The work on the body is complete and the painting of the vehicle is in progress, after having been filled and given an anti-rust treatment. It could possibly return to service by the end of the 2003 season.

http://www.voisin.ch/vvt/ : 13.07.2006