BD2 341

Builder Erste Galizische Waggonbau AG ex Sanok (AP St. Pölten)
Year built 1904
Previous numbers kkStb et BBö 31394, DR 205 240, requisitioned by Russia T312 230, ÖBB Bi 46 101, BDT 7037.06, 84 VVT
Rebuilt (1958 to diagram 31 894.01)
Number of seats / Charge utile 28 second class and 4 t
Weight in working order 16 / 21 t
Brakes G-P 15 / 18 t
Length over body 12.60 meters (41 feet 4 inches)
Maximum speed 40 km/h (22 mph) on the VVT / 80 km/h (44 mph) in Austria


After the second world war, to accommodate the needs of ÖBB passengers, freight wagons in good condition were rebuilt with steel passenger standard bodies. For thirty years these represented the typical Austrian local train. Until these passenger and brake passenger carriages were sold to preserved railways and museums these twin axled carriages were in regular service.

On the 20th November 1984, three passenger carriages as well as one brake passenger carriage (BD2), planned as a sales area for souvenirs, were rescued by the VVT and arrived at St-Sulpice.

This carriage will rebuilt to include an area for the sale of souvenirs. : 12.07.2006