B4 309

Builder SIG
Year built 1914
Previous numbers

CFF C4 8657, 53 C4 7090, 56 B4 7090, 62 B 7090, (63) B 8146, 70 B 5085 20-03 345-9, 78 RVT as a spare parts store, 94 VVT

Rebuilt 1963, VVT 2000 - ...
Number of seats 80 second class
Weight in working order 31 / 35 t
Brakes O-P 31 t
Length over body 21.40 meters (70 feet 3 inches)
Maximum speed 110 km/h (61 mph)


Without the help of Mr. Theo Stolz of the CJ works at Tramelan we certainly would not have been able to reconstruct the history of this vehicle, given that we had no information about it's history prior to it's arrival on the RVT on the 30th June 1978 and that these vehicles were built by various manufacturers.

This vehicle has served as a store for spare parts since it's arrival on the RVT in 1978. It has also been victim to vandals.

It's restoration was planned and one of the compartments was gutted to create a large enough  room to contain a table and a bar in accordance with current wishes.

The two photos above allow you to see what sort of wreck we were left with.

http://www.voisin.ch/vvt/ : 12.07.2006