WRs4 363

Builder SWS Schlieren
Year built 1961
Previous numbers CFF Dr4 10136, 62 WR 10136, 68 5085 88-33 512-7, 94 VVT
Rebuilt 1982
Number of seats 52
Weight in working order 33 / 37 t
Brakes O-R 49 t (P 39)
Length over body 23.50 meters (77 feet 1 inch)
Maximum speed 140 km/h (77mph)


Built in 1961, this restaurant car was rebuilt in 1982. When it arrived on the VVT on the 7th June 1995, we had to renew all the water pipes which had burst due to frost. The Federal Transport Department insisted that we install this vehicle with earths. The refrigeration system also had to be renewed. In 1998, the Val d'Areuse was about to run a train to Brig, including lounge and first class carriages for the Telethon train of CFF. Numerous attractions on the train and on the stations at which it stopped delighted all the passengers on board. No less than 180 meals were served (in three sittings). Unfortunately during the following night vandals attacked our carriage. Following this success, the VVT organized the Telethon trains of 1999 and 2000. 

At Raron on the Telethon train 1998 During the third sitting
Travaux en cours

Our Dinning-car on it's arrival at St-Sulpice in 1982

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